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Attack Your Abs Intensely
With These 2 Advanced Power Ab Moves!

By Zach Evan-Esh

Most athletes and people in general perform direct ab work with the thought of “isolating” the abdominal muscles. When training athletes, I want to be as “economical” as possible, so isolation is not always my priority.

However, core and abdominal training are a priority, so we work the abs during our warm up, between sets of the workout, as well as indirectly through our regular training program.

Two of our favorite movements are the leg raise while upright on the dip bar and windshield wipers, either laying on our back and holding a sturdy object with our hands or (more advanced), hanging from a high pull up bar.

These two movements not only attack the abdominals intensely, but they also work the hip flexors which improve running speed! The leg raises on the dip bar allow us to work the upper body through stabilization and static strength. There’s nothing wrong with getting in a little extra work!

We like to perform our abdominal training in circuits as opposed to one set at a time. One set at a time training is boring and it doesn’t challenge the muscles very hard.

We’ll perform 12 – 15 leg raises on the dip bar, immediately followed by windshield wipers on the floor for 6 – 8 reps per side. That's one "circuit" (or "superset").

Here’s how to perform each movement:

Leg raises on dip bar

Hold yourself upright on dip bars, raise legs slowly with a slight bend in the knee, come down under control and repeat for desired reps. If this is too hard, simply perform a knee up until you feel strong enough to go to the straight leg version.

If the straight leg raises are too easy, add ankle weights or squeeze a med ball between your feet.

dip bar leg raises start position width=dip bar leg raises finish

Windshield Wipers (Lying or Hanging)

Lay on your back and hold onto a sturdy bench or a training partner’s ankles. Raise your legs so the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling. Slowly lower the legs to one side, then the other, slowly moving back and forth like a windshield wiper.

To make this movement harder, your partner can push on your feet as you go left / right and you resist against his / her force. The most advanced version of Windshield wipers is performed hanging from a set of monkey bars or pull up bars (pictured below).

hanging windshield wipers

These are challenging exercises for advanced trainees, especially the windshield wipers! If all you can get is 1 or 2 reps, then keep at it and practice these movements!

Remember, strength is a skill and skills must be practiced regularly for improvement!

-Zach Even-Esh

About Zach Even-Esh

Zach Even-Esh has been involved in strength training, wrestling and other combat sports for over 16 years. During this time Zach obtained a BA in Health & Physical Education and an MA in Health Education. Zach was part of the first group in the world to become an IYCA Youth Conditioning Specialist.

Zach is an acclaimed speaker and author, having presented at Ryan Lee's Boot Camp, Perform Better Seminars and at numerous wrestling clubs through out NJ. Zach is the author of the Underground strength training book, The Gladiator Training Manual, he is a regular writer for TapouT Magazine and Men's Fitness Magazine.

Training combat athletes is a passion for Zach & he only allows the most dedicated athletes to participate in his programs. His clientele consists of high school & college athletes, MMA fighters, Military & Law Enforcement personnel. Some of these individuals have dominated national competition in their sport!

Visit Zach online at: and find out more about UNDERGROUND training methods - such as Kettlebells, Logs, Kegs, Odd Objects, Ropes, Sandbags, Sledgehammers, Sleds, Stones, Tires - even Cars, and be sure to grab your FREE Underground Strength Course at www.UndergroundCombatTraining.Com and see how Zach uses innovative training methods to develop granite hard bodies that are as strong as they look!

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